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In the spirit of developing good neighbourly cooperation and reconciliation the importance of electronic communications in the development of society’s social and economic well-being, the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) as the most important segment in this sector in the Republic of North Macedonia, concluded a Memorandum on 21st October 2022 for cooperation with the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority of the Republic of Albania (AKEP), defining the aspects of cooperation and design of policies and programs for implementation with regulatory challenges in both countries and the region, while preferring good European practices and international obligations established in this field.

The meeting that was held on the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation in question and was attended by members of the top management of the regulatory authorities, where the aspects of cooperation and coordination were emphasized in relation to the implementation of 5G technologies in the near future, especially in relation to the cross-border harmonization of frequencies.

According to the recommendations of the EC: ECC/REC (05)08, ECC/REC (08)02 and ECC/REC (01)01, the working groups of the two regulatory authorities, at their previous bilateral meetings, ascertained the necessity of frequency coordination in the border areas and overcame the challenges they faced, thus resulting into a Cross-Border Technical Agreement for the Harmonization of Frequencies in the 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz frequency bands, which was also signed at the meeting held on 21st October 2022 by the managements of the relevant institutions.

The importance and good cooperation of the two regulatory authorities could also be witnessed by the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, Fatos Reka, who in his speech praised the good relations of these two regulatory authorities, which are taking place in the direction of excellent cooperation in the bilateral and regional field by regulating a very important and most advanced segment of the social sphere in their countries and beyond, an exceptional gratitude was expressed for his time and real understanding of the conditions in the field of electronic communications and their regulation.